024714b.mp3   4.6 s75 KB Dropping in a cave
  027138a.mp3   44.1 s354 KB Birds and frogs (Pelophylax)
  027138b.mp3   115.1 s922 KB Frogs (Pelophylax)
  027139a.mp3   247.6 s1981 KB Frogs (Pelophylax)
  028353a.mp3   18.4 s295 KB Black-crowned Central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii)
  028561a.mp3   18.6 s299 KB Birds near waterfall
  028561b.mp3   7.7 s124 KB Birds near waterfall
  028594a.mp3   10.0 s160 KB Hummingbirds
  028595a.mp3   32.0 s512 KB Hummingbirds
  028597a.mp3   18.0 s288 KB Hummingbirds
  028877a.mp3   22.2 s356 KB Camera beneath the water surface
  029173a.mp3   25.3 s404 KB Sounds in the jungle
  029373a.mp3   4.8 s77 KB Bird in the jungle
  029373b.mp3   10.0 s159 KB Bird in the jungle
  029374a.mp3   28.9 s463 KB Golden-mantled howling monkey (Alouatta palliata)
  029471a.mp3   43.0 s688 KB Birds in the jungle
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