Geologická mapa katastru města Čáslavě (The geological map of the land register of town Čáslav) - interesting booklet by Antonín Culek (1904-1955) (more information e.g. here - in Czech). The author was engaged in the nature studies, especially of the inanimate nature, in the wide surroundings of the town, particularly in Železné hory (Iron Mountains) hills. There are also - except the author´s own geological findings - interesting informations about the extinct use of some localities (e.g. quarries, brickyards, lakes).

Scanned copy was not very well sewn and glued, I disassembled it before I scanned it; binding and pages are 148*205 mm, appendices Tab.I. - Tab. III. are +-A4 size, Tab IV. 157*217 mm, map 737*749 mm; the scanner HP Scanjet 4890 was used to obtain the most of digital files, the map I got scanned by a big format scanner.

To view this book in the browser click on the left on the shelfback picture; to download it in better resolution (page height 1280 px) in one ZIP file (complete scan, including also binding and empty pages) click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Antonín Culek : Geologická mapa katastru města Čáslavě
(ZIP - 22 454 kB)
  Geologická mapa
katastru města Čáslavě  
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